Vagrant Story to feature demo disc? According to the U.S. box art, Vagrant Story will include more than just the game disc. [ Source: The GIA ] The Complete Syphon Filter 2 Guide
Everything that you need to know to get through 989's masterful sequel. Includes detailed maps!
[ Source: IGN PSX ]
The Grinch Is Coming to Town
Come this Christmas, Konami will deliver the Who-hating Grinch in 3D platform style.
[ Source: IGN PSX ]
Acclaim PlayStation2
Acclaim Entertainment announces three new titles - including baseball and racing - for the PlayStation2.
[ Source: ]

Dead or Alive 2
More screenshots of the PS2 version of Tecmo's titillating fighting game. Did we say bouncy?
[ Source: IGN PS2 ]
Quake 3 Arena Dreamcast in August
Well, it's nearly official. Q3A with online play is coming.
[ Source: Gaming Age ]
Lunar 2: EB packaging details
3 CDs, various goodies, and a Ghaleon punching puppet??
[ Source: Gaming Age ]

Would you like to win one of 5 GBA / Nintendo DS Movie Players?
All you have to do is write a description of any NDS accessory you can drean of.

Want a Job in the Game Industry? Disney Interactive is Hiring
Disney Interactive is seeking experienced professionals in Marketing, Finance, Business Development, PC Production and Videogame Production. Click through for more information.

Gameboy Advance

Cyan Hiring
Cyan Inc. is once again changing the way people are entertained.

GBA Link Cable Emulator VBALink Gameboy Gaming

Nintendo DS compatiblilty with GBA Flash Cards has tested how gba backup devices work on the new Nintendo NDS.

The System Wars
The staff gives their opinion on the next generation consoles. My opinion is, PS2 will come out on top! [ Source: ]

5 Reasons Why X-Box Will Kick The PlayStation 2's Ass
The Daily Radar has a special feature on why the X-Box will kick the PS2's ass... Personally, I don't think you can kick PS2's ass when Square is there to save its ass.
[ Source: Daily Radar ]


Final Fantasy IX story info
Official full character names announced; new details on party make-up.
[ Source: The GIA ]

Namco is Hiring!
Due to our dynamic growth, Namco Hometek, a premier videogame publisher and developer, is looking for talented professionals. Click through for more information.
[ Source: FGN Online ]

3D Programmers Look Here
Mesa Logic Inc. (creators of Area 51) has immediate openings for 3D programmers. You like what we did in the past? You should see where we're going.
[ Source: FGN Online ]



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